Your purpose in life... is your own happiness.

Do you agree? Not all schools of thought do... Some would say that your life belongs to other people, others would say your life belongs to a higher power.

If you believe that your purpose in life is the pursuit of your own happiness, you will be interested in reading more about Objectivism. Objectivism is a philosophy which asserts the primacy of reason in understanding the world around us, that a rational pursuit of happiness is our proper purpose in life, and that free market capitalism is the ideal system in which people can live and work.

If you would like to meet like-minded people, discuss ideas in a fun environment, or learn more about Objectivism; please contact us today!

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What is the Mid-Michigan Objectivist Club?

The Mid-Michigan Objectivist Club is a group of Lansing-area residents who share an interest in Objectivism. We socialize and have fun together. We meet monthly, at the residence of one of our members, to discuss various topics from an Objectivist perspective. If you live in the Lansing area and have an interest in learning more about Objectivism, please contact us to get on our email list!

What is Objectivism?

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